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Travel Insurance

As experienced travel agents serving South Africans for the last few decades, one the things we cannot recommend highly enough is comprehensive travel insurance. While you may be focusing on lazy white beaches or thrilling snow-bound ski holidays, one of the most important things to consider is whether or not that once-in-a-lifetime trip is protected. 

Holiday insurance should be at the top of your list, especially when booking an international holiday.  When you and your family have saved long and hard for that special trip,  you don’t want to be left out of pocket, should you have to cancel prior to departure, due to unexpected medical reasons. This is one of the benefits of having travel insurance.  


Some of the reasons why you may need travel insurance can include: ​

  • You or one of your party becomes ill or has an accident during the trip and requires medical attention. 

  • Your baggage gets lost or stolen and you need to replace those items. 

  • You might miss your onward flight due to airline delays. 

  • A travel supplier unexpectedly goes insolvent and cannot meet their commitments to you. Whilst highly stressful, comprehensive travel insurance has benefits that may cover you for this. 

  • We do recommend that you purchase travel insurance when making your first payment for your holiday so that you are protected immediately. In addition, any natural event out of your control (act of God), such as a storm or fire, that breaks out before you’ve purchased your insurance may mean that you’re too late to benefit from the cover. If you wish to take out optional cover such as Voluntary Cancellation, this is only able to be purchased within 48 hours of making your first holiday payment. 


At XL Halloworld Travel, we recommend the best travel insurance provider, and so, have partnered with Bryte Travel Insurance to bring you a variety of different cover options. Visit our online Travel Insurance Portal now and receive a prompt travel insurance quote. Whether you are travelling with an elderly family member, going on a solo adventure, or embarking on some family fun – Bryte will have you covered. 

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